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The Monthly vertical insert allows you to plan your calendar monthly.


The most classic design of a wall calendar. A universal solution for home and office.

It allows you to create plans for five weeks ahead.

The calendar layout allows you to make notes in grids of days and write down lists in the notes area.


Delivery time: 5 – 7 business days + delivery time

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The Monthly vertical insert is a classic monthly calendar layout.

This insert is a universal calendar that will work in all conditions. It is a good choice for people who start their adventure with our planners.

Planning for the next month is the most common way of planning, which allows you to focus on the coming four weeks, holidays and major events.

In the vertical version, due to the layout of the insert, the working week is separated from the weekend. Next to the calendar, there are two note spaces where you can put key information or create to-do/purchase lists. The vertical layout also allows you to create notes in the form of references to weekdays and weekends, or to dedicate space for notes to the business or private zone.

The calendar scheme contains abbreviated names of the days of the week and grids for numbering days and creating notes. The arrangement of seven boxes in five rows corresponding to weeks allows you to create a plan for a full month.

The insert is a sketch of the calendar and is located under the glass surface – it organizes the notes made on the glass.

The inserts are dedicated to True Plan Concept planners. They can be exchanged, which allows you to change the functionality of the planner.


We print the insert to order, so the delivery time is slightly longer.


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